Fourth Quarter
June, 2021
Beyond Sponsorship: Creating a Mutually Beneficial Partnership
By Vanessa M Castro, Co-Chair Sponsorship & Partnership, WHVACR
How HVACR Companies Can Help Grow Women in HVACR, and How Women in HVACR Can Help Grow HVACR Companies.
Why does a Company chose to sponsor a non-profit? As co-chair of the Sponsorship & Partnership Committee that is one of the first questions I asked myself. Why would I give my company's money to a non-profit? What are my driving factors. Well here are the top reasons that I have found:

3 Reasons Companies Sponsor Organizations (in no particular order)
  • Brand Visibility & Recognition
  • Recruitment
  • Cause of the Organization
Brand Visibility
Corporate sponsors want to see their logo anywhere and everywhere on event collateral.Corporate sponsors want to use the sponsorship opportunity as a walking advertisement of their stewardship. They want to be recognized for their donation and effort they make to the organization.

Corporate sponsors want to use the pool available to them at the organization to recruit for new members. Studies have shown that employees who join organizations are more likely to be reliable, dependent, high-performers and hardworking.

Cause of the Organization
A company promoting a generous cause, can see the benefits of that:
  • 91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality*
  • 61% of consumers are willing to try a new brand, or one they’ve never heard of, because of its association with a particular cause*
  • 50% of global consumers said they would be willing to reward companies that give back to society by paying more for their goods and services (44% in the U.S. and 38% in Canada). **
Understanding the reasons allows us at Women in HVACR to better align ourselves to not only the needs of our members, but also the needs of our sponsors. We are now proudly serving over 400 members across the US & Canada. That is 400 women who are actively participants, and workers in HVACR - they include dispatchers, controllers, project managers, marketing, students, technicians, counter sales, customer service, field sales, Presidents, and even CEOs. Women continue to touch ever every aspect of our industry. Women in HVACR is the only recognized women’s organization for women in our trade.

This year we will have presence in over 7 national and regional events, a far cry from the days when the organization only met at our national conference. With this growth, we have adjusted our sponsorship levels to more accurately reflect our national presence.

As a National Sponsor, Women in HVACR has created packages of benefits to maximize the Women in HVACR experience for your company and employees. Your benefits may include:
  • Select number of memberships to Women in HVACR
  • Job postings through Women in HVACR channels
  • Event recognition and a select number of registrations for the Women in HVACR Conference
  • Event recognition and a sponsor table at the Conference
  • Employee access to Women in HVACR podcasts and webcasts
  • Speaking opportunities at Women in HVACR conference
  • Newsletter Article Feature
  • Your logo featured:
    • on the Women in HVACR home page with a link to your website
    • on all regular chapter sponsorship materials (programs, posters, table tents)
    • in the Women in HVACR’s quarterly newsletter
National Sponsorship Levels
  1. Diamond Level $7,500
  2. Platinum Level: $5,000
  3. Gold Level: $3,500
  4. Silver Level: $2,500
  5. Bronze Level: $1,500
  6. Nickel Level: $500
  7. Copper Level: Any Amount - (Cash, Time, Resources or Supplies)
I’d ask you to review our sponsorship flyer, and see what your company can do to continue to support this growing organization, and gain the benefits for being a sponsor, and more important a partner in our organization.

Ultimately, that is why our committee includes both Sponsorships & Partnerships- you can’t be a sponsor without truly being a partner in our cause.

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* 2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study
** Nielsen 2013 Consumers Who Care Study