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President's Corner
Building Your Legacy:
By: Julie Decker

One of my favorite success stories is about a woman who having completed one career, took her knowledge of working in a male dominated industry to help women. She and her son, took their $5000 in savings and began a unique company. This company was about empowering women to earn extra spending money or to even start their own career or to improve their life. She led by a powerful example that now spans the world and has existed for over 50 years. You may have heard of her – Mary Kay Ash.

Mary Kay Ash built a legacy; and one that exists today. The key word in this example is the word “build”. It is not something that we do instantaneously but one which takes every word, every experience, every mistake and every win that makes us, empowers us and leaves a memory of us.

Building a legacy is perhaps not something you think of often but every day we leave an imprint of ourselves. So, if you are rear ended in traffic (yes, that happened not long ago and my memory of myself may not have been positive), or greeting a cashier at a store or the seat mate on the plane next to you or even more importantly – your family and customers! What are you building? How will you be remembered?

Will you leave an imprint of integrity, compassion, professionalism and intelligence? Remember, your legacy is “built” brick by brick, day by day; let’s built a strong one?

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Annual Conference
WHVACR is thrilled to announce that for the first time ever their conference will be held as a stand-alone event at the Tarrant County College Center for Energy Excellence in Fort Worth, TX. With the support of our members and sponsors Women in HVACR is excited to open this next chapter in the growth of the organization.
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Q&A with Lisa Bailey - RGF Environmental Group
  1. How did you get started in this business? I worked in the construction industry for 17 years prior to starting at RGF. RGF was the perfect fit for the next chapter in my career because of all my experience working with contractors and identifying with their needs as well as the opportunities that I saw in the HVAC industry for career growth
  2. What is a good story about your business? I was proud to be involved with RGF’s Halo’s for Hope campaign. RGF partnered with the American Cancer Society donating a portion of all proceeds of our premier REME Halo and BLU-QR products
  3. Who is your typical customer? Our customers range from a unique blend of air, food and water distributors across the globe.
  4. What is unusual or unique about your business, in comparison to your competition? Unparalleled research and development continually leading the industry in producing innovative, patented products and technologies for air, food and water purification.
  5. How would someone external describe your business? Innovative, creative and unique. RGF is a company that’s one step ahead of the rest.
  6. What are some interesting statistics? RGF is experiencing double digit growth and the highest amount of sales in its 32 year history.
  7. How would your customers describe their experience with you? Our customers would describe their experience with RGF as a true partnership. Wholesalers and contractors value the support that RGF gives them. We stand behind our customers 100% and give them the tools they need to succeed through training, social media, customer support, warranty etc.
  8. How do you keep in touch with your customers? We stay in touch with our customers in numerous ways. We have a sales team that has developed long standing relationships in the field, social media, email blasts, newsletters and our seasonal campaigns have been very successful. The RGF website is very user friendly and provides information needed on all our products to assist consumers, contractors and wholesalers. We have a great team of office personnel that continues to provide our customers with the service they need.
  9. What challenges do you face in your business? Confusion in the market stemming from in-experienced IAQ competitors with little or no validation and lack of education.
  10. What are the effects and/or benefits of using your product? The benefits of using RGF products is knowing that we are providing the world with the safest air, food and water purification.
  11. Why did you choose to sponsor the Women in HVACR organization? WHVACR contributes in such a positive way to women involved in this industry and to those who may be considering this for their future. RGF is a supporter of several organizations and we believe in giving back.

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