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Protecting Your Legacy

You have worked hard to get to where you are today.  It took sacrifice, perseverance, dedication and yes perhaps a little stubbornness to forge the path for your legacy.

In the past 2 newsletters we discussed discovering your legacy; regardless of our ages or stage of life, we are constantly developing what we will be remembered for.  We also discussed building your legacy; building a legacy is perhaps not something you think of often but every day we leave an imprint of ourselves. 

Our third newsletter is about protecting your legacy.  As a business owner you may be considering a succession plan to protect your legacy or as a career sales person, you may be working toward protecting your legacy by developing a reputation of trust and integrity.  You may also be a woman protecting her legacy with your family.  In any instance, protection is a very key element.  It is to keep something safe from harm or injury (Merriam Webster).

Some questions may come to mind as you consider this:

  • Will my business continue?
  • Will my faith and ideals impact future generations?
  • Will my savings/money/ideas help others?

What can I do?
Life moves at such a rapid pace that we don’t often stop to think about basic steps we can do to protect our legacy. First, write down your goals and dreams; you may be surprised at what you have already accomplished.  Seeing them in ink and paper (or digitally) may bring clarity to what you have kept inside.
These will change as life experiences occur which is a great thing.

Visualize these goals and dreams like a road map in front of you.  You will find you remain very focused.  I call it staying in my swim lane.  Distractions and delays will occur but the map will get you there.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.  That’s probably the most difficult part of this as we strive to protect our legacy, achieve our goals and to make the lives of others  enriched and better. 

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