2018 Women in HVACR Newsletter

Empowered Women, Empower Women

How many times have you scrolled through social media and one of those nice inspirational quotes happens to come up and it just resonates deeply with you? This year was the first year that I have attended the Women in HVACR conference. It was one of the most inspiring, uplifting, friendly, and motivating events I have ever been to. I’ve been thinking a lot about why I felt so good there, surrounded by women from all over the country. My answer to why it was so impactful came through that social media post which stated, “Empowered women, empower women.”

This is exactly what happens when women get together to learn, connect, share, and help. We empower each other to keep going, to focus on the things we know to be true and to actually be true to them. It brings a sweet feeling of “you’re not alone” - which is often felt by women working in HVAC. Women represent only 1.3% of all people working in the home services industry. Having a safe place for women to connect and serve each other has absolutely enlightened my mind as to how amazing it is to work in this industry, and especially with so many talented women. As I continue to move forward in working with women and seeking to help empower them as I have felt empowered, I asked a few of them to share why they love working at Power Coaching and how being a woman working in HVAC has created a lifestyle that is conducive to all the many different hats they wear.

Robin White, a Power Coach at Power Coaching expresses: “I suspect there are few jobs that are as conducive to professional development and family life as Power Coaching. Almost two-years ago I started a job that I thought would fill up some blank space on my resume--Moms out there-you know that time after all the kids are potty trained, and you're waiting for all the kids to be in school? I'm referring to that interim of time before we, as women, often go back to work. (But let me give a shout-out to my full-time professional momma's and fellow women as well--my hat goes off to all of you!) To my surprise and utter delight, I didn't start just another job, but I embarked on a journey.

As a wife and mother, working for Power Coaching has allowed me to stay at home and be there for some of the milestones I might have missed if I was working outside of the home. Just today, I was able to surprise my daughter Tasha, and attend an assembly where she received a Student of the Month award. Speaking of my children, the principles I teach have made me a better mom. I still have epic mom fails, but overall, I communicate better with my children. I listen more to them, I ask them specific questions about their days, I ask them to tell me how they feel about things, and with passing time, our relationships have been strengthened. One day, I found a note under my pillow: "Dear mom, I love you becuz you say yes. Love, Corine" She's seven! That was one of the moments when I recognized my job was affecting the lives of my little ones.

Power Coaching stopped being a resume filler for me a long time ago. I certainly have not perfected the principles I teach, nor do I ever expect to because perfection is just an illusion. However, I do know I'll continue to grow and develop as a person and professionally as I implement these principles in my life. Power Coaching has helped me to imperfectly work on one of my lifelong goals: to waste and wear out my life in the service of others. I will forever be
grateful for a company that allows me to better myself while trying to help others become more successful.”

Lynzie Markham, our Senior Account Lead and Coach Mentor shares: “For the better part of my career I have the opportunity to watch amazing and capable women in HVAC grow beyond their wildest expectations. I became very passionate not only for the hustle and bustle of the industry, but also for mentoring women by sharing my knowledge of the industry. When I found the Pattern for Excellence, I found a path for touching everyone's life in some way. I was no longer limited to an office, I could still have my industry and do what I am most passionate about, helping others. Through teaching others and practicing what I teach, I have become a better person as a whole, I have learned that happiness is built through giving, I am a better mother to my 5 children and a better wife. I truly believe that with better communication skills, the world would be a much better place, I see it with my CSR's and I see it in my home. I am thrilled to be a small piece of the change I wish to see in the world.”

Sadie Fowers, Call Monitor Manager, describes her feelings of being empowered as: “The Power Coaching culture is unlike any other I have worked in. We work on ourselves and seek to find our strengths and passions so that we can do work that inspires and motivates us and others. By taking this approach we allow ourselves and others to grow in ways that is truly authentic and imaginative. We are proud of our accomplishments and share in each other’s as well. As a Woman the world and this industry can be harsh and unyielding in its demands on us. I found a company and a position within it that allows me to thrive. I am able to give my all to my work and when the time comes for my needs my work grants me allowances. I have been able to attend my daughter’s important life moments without hesitation. I have been able to move around with changes in my family. I am empowered to provide for my family and honestly enjoy the work that I do. By working to live and not living to work I have found ways to make my working life fit into my home life rather than the other way around. I work early mornings in the summer so that I can be with my kids in the afternoons. I make time for team mates day and night when it is needed. I am a proud example of making a living by working from home.”

Women are strong, inspiring, and eager to make the world a better place. G.D. Anderson says, “Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It is about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” We can, and we will, continue to lead, encourage, and demonstrate by example our ability to help take the HVACR industry to the next level while at the same time fulfilling our roles as mothers, wives, and contributors of greatness to the world. We hope to bring many more female voices into this movement. “Be the change we want to see in the world.” –Ghandi Erica Leonor, Power Trainer and Coach at Power Coaching

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