2019 Women in HVACR Newsletter


In typical fashion, I read a book last week called How I Got Millionaire Mentality. Lo and behold, this simple and short read answered the age-old question that I know has held thousands of women back in their lives, and I’m still awe struck by the simplicity of the answer. The question was this, “Why go after your dreams, because what happens if you fail?” The answer was this: it’s better to have 5% of something than 100% of nothing.

Now that summer is in full swing, we are all in our prime – summer for us HVAC lifers is our super bowl. So naturally, we’re all struggling to accomplish our never-ending to-do lists while the sun is shining. And it just so happened to be during this busy summer season that my four-year-old daughter was recently in swimming lessons for two weeks, and every single day that I left work early to take her to her 4:30pm class, I felt guilty for leaving work before five…in order to be a mom.  On the flipside, every time I leave my house to go to work in the mornings, I feel a little guilty for being a businesswoman.  Although I’m torn daily in many directions, at the end of the day, I can honestly say that I achieved 5% of something instead of 100% of nothing.

I’m looking at love what you do by Dana Spinola right now.  She’s an international fashion designer and the owner of the clothing company Fab’rik Boutiques. One of the most impactful parts of her book talks about expanding your heart. I know so many of us in this group truly do love HVAC and love what we do. So naturally, the goals we set earlier this year probably included items that were related to pursuing more for our industry. I always love the New Year because it is a fresh start, but the mid-way point, such as right now – halfway through the year, can be scary.     

Need some marketing strategies to make those goals happen?  Check out Puffer Fish Effect by Susan Frew, a fellow Women in HVACR member.  I have my whole team reading it this month.  Her recommendations are amazing, and her family business became a real-live unicorn if ever there was one.  Speaking of unicorns, I’ve been thinking of them daily – odd I know – who thinks about unicorns!? Well, I’ve been thinking about unicorns because they symbolize utopia, and utopia is that dream of a future where we are all thriving in HVACR in unity, strength, and excellence.

Women in HVACR is beyond utopia, it’s reality.  With the network of relationships, knowledge and education available in our group - although we’re a virtual organization, this year has proven tremendous growth.

MEMBERSHIP: Our membership is continuing to grow.  If you are new to our group, I warmly welcome you; make sure to reach out to see how you can get involved. 

SCHOLARSHIPS: We are currently in the process of selecting our 2019 scholarship winners. Seven recipients will be receiving their disbursements in July, and we could not be more excited for them. 

CONFERENCE: I’m amazed to see the registrations for our annual conference pouring in.  Our theme this year is Connect, Cultivate, Grow.  Let me tell you from experience that I cannot emphasize “connect” enough.    In a world of thumbnail pictures and virtual messaging, our annual conference is a breath of fresh air. You are invited, and I truly hope to see you there.

I leave you with this quote from Dana Spinola’s love what you do: “I want your life to be charged with passion so that the work you do feels like a privilege instead of something to get through every day.” 

Thank you for being a part of this great organization.


P.S. Register for Conference in Boston right here! 

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