2018 Women in HVACR Newsletter

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On behalf of the Women in HVAC Board of Directors, I am excited to share our latest and very important updates. Most importantly, we have selected the date and city for our 15th annual and 2nd standalone annual conference: September 20 and 21 in the mile-high city of Denver, CO. This year’s theme is “Defying Gravity.” And what better city for a group of successful, goal-oriented women to soar to new heights?

In Wicked, the song is the finale for the show's first act, when Elphaba discovers that The Wizard of Oz is not the heroic figure she had originally believed him to be. Realizing this, and despite Glinda's attempts to dissuade her, Elphaba vows to do everything in her power to fight the Wizard and his sinister plans against the Animals of Oz. She sings of how she wants to live without limits, going against the rules that others have set for her."1

Like Elphaba, we vow to do everything in our power to improve the lives of our members by providing professional avenues to connect with other women growing their careers in the HVAC industry. This conference is one of our highlights in terms of providing a networking opportunity that is also educational and fun! It’s a couple of days where we are empowered to live without limits, going against the rules that others have set for us and literally rising to the top (well, at least a mile high)!

We are in the process of selecting the venue, discussing tours and an optional excursion for those who want to stay an extra day and play, and researching keynote speakers for the event. We have also taken your suggestion from the 2017 meeting into account and will pay close attention to them as we develop the agenda. We expect last year’s attendance of at least 120 members and non-members alike, media professionals, educators, and students to attend our annual gathering in the fall. Please visit the “events” page on our website for updates.

Our education committee is in the process of producing some wonderful interactive web updates, multimedia presentations and leave behinds for secondary and post-secondary classrooms. Our mentorship committee is working on the last tweaks for a website update and new information will be sent out to all mentors and mentees as soon is it’s ready (be sure to let us know if you’re interested in participating in this program!). Our new partnerships and affiliations committee has established their mission to “identify and form mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded organizations and companies that create win-win opportunities for our organization and our members.” Our sponsorship committee has been working hard to secure our 2018 sponsors – the lifeblood of our organization – while researching ways to provide more value to them; and our scholarship committee is ready to release applications for our 2018 Scholarship program. This year we will be rewarding four $2000 monetary scholarships.

If you will be attending the Blue Hawk Annual Meeting in Chicago, please be sure to attend our reception from 5:00 to 6:00 at Shula’s Private Dining Room. We’d love to see you there!

1 Wikipedia

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Your Game, Who’s Ruling the Court?

Way back when, I loved to play basketball. As a kid I would stand under the basket and rebound for hours as my older brother took shot after shot at the goal. As a senior in high school, I played on not one, but two basketball teams. I was homeschooled and naturally we didn’t have a team, but the city I lived in allowed us to participate in team sports with the local private schools. So, I joined a private school team, but, my senior year, one team wasn’t enough. The other team was a good old fashion knock em’ out church league, and if you’ve played for a church league before, then you know exactly what I mean.


At the time, the church I attended didn’t actually have a team. So, I approached my church board and politely requested they sponsor a team to represent our church. The sponsorship cost was $200 and as a 17-year-old, $200 was a lot to request! I insured them that this would be a great networking opportunity for our church and a way to be more involved in what was going on in our community. I wasn’t too confident in my ability to persuade, but fortunately for me, they handed me a check for $200 and we joined the league. However, my persuasion ended in their negotiation.


As a teenager, $200 was a lot of money! But money is never free, money always has a price…and in this case, the cost was ten weeks of cleaning! In exchange for the league registration fee I had to agree that myself and the team would commit to cleaning the church building, from top to bottom, every Saturday for ten weeks! I eagerly agreed, eager being the key word here. The first week, myself and four of my teammates arrived early Saturday morning and spent hours scrubbing the youth building and the main church sanctuary. You can guess that by the second week of cleaning I was cleaning alone.

Naturally, I thought I was being persuasive when we were making the deal, but hind sight is often 20/20, too bad I didn’t know the negotiating power that was on my side of the court. Now, years later, I recognize I was a terrible negotiator, and I recognize I was not truly the servant leader I thought I was.

How often do we stay late working on tasks that could have easily been delegated or shared, because of poor planning? This style ‘servant leadership’ is a quick way to end up holding the broom in a very large dirty building…alone.


At the time, it didn’t seem like such a bad deal. I was just glad to be the captain of my team and playing basketball each week. Time is a great teacher. Obviously, hard work builds character, but when you’re building a lucrative business, smart work builds profit. We don’t always know this early on, when we just want to be on the team and play in the game.

Negotiation, powered by raw excitement, can limit your playing power. This scenario could have easily been reversed if only I had taken a harder look at the offers on the table and left my emotions in the blue service van my dad let me drive as a teenager. I wanted so badly to play basketball that I didn’t negotiate a reasonable rate. In reality, I’m sure I could have gotten the $200 from my dad…or better yet, I could have gotten the $200 for five weekly cleanings at the church and made it mandatory for the team. “You don’t clean, you don’t play.” Servant leadership can often be self-inflicted. Clear communication, and mindful negotiation, together, create win-win situations.

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Make Springtime Preventive Maintenance Season Your Best Marketing Opportunity Ever
BY DENISE TUDOR | 12 March 2018

There is probably no other season that puts the contractor in more homes and businesses than any other time of year than Spring Preventive Maintenance season! This is your opportunity to leave your “impression” by installing a new thermostat with your logo on it.

Jackson Systems offers the widest selection of thermostats from the most affordable and simple like White Rodgers, Braeburn and ProIAQ to mention just a few; to programmables from iO HVAC Controls and Honeywell; to the most desirable Wi-Fi smart thermostats from Nest and ecobee. To browse our offering, visit

Imprinting all these thermostats with your logo and phone number is possible and FREE! And, we ask for an order of only 6 or more of the same model thermostat. Turnaround of imprinted thermostats is the best in the business…and they ship free, too.

Want to learn more about our imprinting services? Watch this:

So, stock up with your favorite branded thermostats for the springtime PM season and ensure you get every service call from that house. As they say, repeat business is your best business!

In January 2018, the Women in HVACR Board of Directors met for our annual planning meeting.

Back Row: Chisholm Brunner, Lauren Roberts, Angie Snow, Julie Roberts, Marcia Christianson, Colleen Keyworth Front Row: Mary Jo Gentry, Kristin Jordan, Karen Lamey DeSousa, Danielle Putnam, Renee Joseph, Colleen Leppert

The Ambassador Program has been set up to define and guide membership individuals who are willing to support outreach programs within Women in HVACR. The objectives of the ambassador program are to support the organization committees and promote the HVACR industry to young women and girls. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please email us at

Finding a quality Mentor is easier than ever! Just fill out a one-page application about yourself and what you’re looking for in a mentor and the Women in HVACR Organization will find you the perfect Mentor!
In 2018, each mentor/mentee relationship is asked to meet a set of targets to further develop a beneficial relationship. click here to see more..
To continue to facilitate growth in our mentorship program, in 2018 we are including subjects of discussion for each of your mentorship sessions:
Feb/Mar - Breaking through barriers to realize career success in the HVAC industry
The opportunities for women in HVACR professions continues to grow. With over one third of the population in the US retiring in five years, current industry estimates project a need for 86,000 employees over the next five years. One of WHVACR goals is to help the industry fill this demand now and going forward with deserving and qualified candidates.
In 2018 Women in HVACR is delighted to be able to increase our scholarship award amount to: Four $2000.00 Scholarships
Did you know, Women in HVACR is growing in strength and numbers as we focus our efforts in supporting, networking and educating women in our industry. Our Partnership Committee is looking for groups and organizations who would be interested in mutually beneficial opportunities that provide value to our members. A few of the areas we're looking to expand through this committee include event speakers, articles, scholarship support and of course organization awareness so we can continue to grow our membership and support more women in our industry. Please send any interest or ideas to
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