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Finding a quality Mentor is easier than ever! Just fill out a one-page application about yourself and what you’re looking for in a mentor and the Women in HVACR Organization will find you the perfect Mentor!

As part of an effort to bring the highest value to our members, we started the WHVAC Mentorship Program to connect the many seasoned professionals in our organization together with newer additions to our industry to foster professional growth, networking opportunities and build relationships.


What Is a Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced professional in who offers career guidance, advice and assistance. Someone who has been where you are and can offer a "been there, done that" perspective to help you avoid pitfalls and reinventing the wheel. A mentor does NOT need to be older, boast multiple excellence awards or have a pedigree of any kind. Most mentees would prefer to interact with someone relatable.

Being a Mentor

A good mentor has experience in the same field as you and is willing to share his or her knowledge and experiences in order to help you succeed. Their job will be to listen, offer understanding and provide honest input, even when it’s hard to hear or to give. They can help you set and achieve career goals, make smarter business decisions, overcome workplace challenges, learn new skills or simply offer an unbiased third-party perspective when you're facing frustrations at work.

How Can a Mentor Help Me?

To be a mentor, you do not need to be award-winning or at the pinnacle of your career, all it takes is an eagerness to share knowledge, a willingness to be open and honest, and some time to dedicate to the process (how much time you have is up to you and flexible). Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, as your mentees may potentially be sharing a lot of sensitive information with you, it is imperative that you treat their information confidentially and appropriately.


In 2018, we have added the below targets and topics to help each mentor relationship flourish.

In 2018, each mentor/mentee relationship is asked to meet the following targets to further develop a beneficial relationship:

2018 Mentorship Targets:

  • Set-up Introductory Phone Conversation
  • Schedule meeting to meet in person
  • Plan to meet 1-2 hours every other month in person or over the phone (6 meetings a year)
  • Information discussed in the mentorship program will remain confidential - blank non-disclosure agreements are included in your mentorship packet.
  • Fill out mentorship survey after each meeting

To continue to facilitate growth in our mentorship program, in 2018 we are including subjects of discussion for each of your mentorship sessions:

  • Feb/Mar - Breaking through barriers to realize career success in the HVAC industry
  • April/May - Knowing your strengths and preferences
  • June/July - Tips and strategies for coping with feeling overextended and for achieving work/life balance.
  • Aug/Sept - Managing conflict in the work environment.
  • Oct/Nov - Tips for staying up-to-date in one’s field.
  • Dec - How to get involved in committees

Topics - Smopics - The topics listed above are established as a guide-line for your conversations. We want your relationships to grow organically and the conversations to be authentic.

Survey: We ask that each mentor relationship take a brief minute to fill out the mentorship survey on our web site after each meeting. This will enable us to record the program and further develop this program to meet your needs

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Join Women in HVACR as We Take On and Strengthen the Industry We Serve
Have you Renewed your WHVACR Membership? Don't Delay! Renew Today! 2019 membership runs January 1st - December 31st.Receive Your Exclusive PROUD MEMBER & SPONSOR LOGOS to display proudly
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