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SEPTEMBER 19-21             DENVER, CO
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We are so excited to announce that plans are complete for our 15th annual conference and registration is open! Please consider joining us as we “defy gravity” in the mile high city of Denver September 19th – 21st. We have a great line-up of speakers who will share with us ideas for breaking free from the beliefs and barriers that can hold us down and keep us from obtaining our highest levels of achievement:

  • Our keynote speaker Tamara Kleinberg will lay out a roadmap that will help us to win at innovation, ignite our highest value and stand out in a cluttered world. Our ability to innovate is how we differentiate ourselves and gain the competitive advantage. Tamara will show each person in the audience how to be a peak performer, have a stronger, more valued voice and ignite innovation. Tamara’s life is about breaking through the status quo for game-changing results, and her insight is bound to leave us with useful tips for defying gravity in our careers.
  • Stacy Pederson promises to keep us laughing while she shares her ideas for how to be happy when life’s a mess. Having experienced a series of personal setbacks, Stacy now has a deep understanding of the universal need we all have for hope, love, joy, and laughter.
  • Our very own board member Angie Snow will teach is how to defy time. As women we all know the feeling of overwhelm as we juggle our many roles. Angie will show us how to rise above the chaos, and find a new level of balance and happiness with a few simple time management techniques even the busiest woman can do each day.
  • Leslie Gildea of ServiceTitan will share with us the lessons she learned in the jungles of Burma, where she initially started her career as a human rights attorney. She will share lessons learned from her experience working in human rights and explain how she leveraged that experience to navigate a male-dominated industry and take a human-centric approach to build credibility and establish trust with some of the largest HVACR OEMs, distributors, and dealers.
  • And for something we can take back and share with our co-workers, Emily Saving, Executive Vice President at HARDI will share HARDI’s analysis of the current HVACR business and policy climate. She will present the macro trends and current leading indicators, including policy, economics and the labor market, that lead the organization to believe that we’re in the midst of a unique moment in time, to either establish yourself as a bestin-class HVACR organization, or lose share to others.
  • We’ve also planned some exciting and interactive breakout sessions – something you asked us to include when we wrapped up our last conference. So it’s a well rounded day of learning and sharing.

We’ve got some fun planned, too! Our opening reception on Wednesday the 19th will be held at Ellyngton's in the conference hotel, The Brown Palace. This historic, evocative restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows and ornate decor is the perfect location for a meet and greet with all attendees.

Then on Thursday evening, we will go more casual with dinner at The Wynkoop Brewing Company. The Wynkoop is Colorado’s first brewpub, home to tastemakers and rulebreakers, bushwhackers and envelope pushers. For almost three decades they have been brewing handcrafted beer in their modest basement brewery underneath Denver’s largest pool hall. In the spirit of “Defying Gravity,” we will be dressing in our most “wicked” attire. So break out your broomsticks and ruby slippers and join us for an incredibly wicked evening! For those who want to stay an extra day or two, we have arranged for a choice of field trips on Friday. One is a guided hike on Mount Bierstadt, one of Colorado’s easiest fourteeners. With a summit elevaIon of over fourteen-thousand feet, this mountain climb is one that will be sure to take your breath away.

For those who would prefer to stay grounded, we offer a wine tour, tasting and lunch at Balistreri Vineyards. After a three course gourmet plated lunch, you will taste 15 to 17 Balistreri wines and tour the wine cellar where you will see them perfecting their craft.

More information on these field trips can be viewed on our conference registration page. We do hope that you will be able to make some time to get away from it all and join us in Denver. This conference is shaping up to be our best ever!! Please join us!

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Help us Bring HVACR Interest to the Next Generation of Technicians. Two Sponsor Spots Available

The Women in HVACR is launching a HVACR puzzle designed to interest young students in the HVACR industry by engaging them in a scavenger hunt for HVACR components in their own home. We are currently seeking sponsors for our first round of printing and have only two spots remaining. Help us launch our program to bring awareness of careers in HVACR to the next generation of technicians! For more information about sponsoring this project, please email

The need for qualified HVACR employees continues to grow at a pace that is far exceeding the students entering into HVACR programs at the high school and trade school levels. The WHVACR Education Committee is targeting grade-school youth to help build interest in HVACR for the future. In addition to the puzzle, designed to engage students in a fun and educational “hunt” for HVACR treasures in their own home, we are also seeking volunteers to help us bring our message to schools at all levels across the country. For more information on our WHVACR Ambassador Program, please email

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Want to Get More Involved in Women in HVACR? Be a Mentor!

Want to Get More Involved in Women in HVACR? Be a Mentor!

The WHVACR Mentorship program has grown to nearly 20 mentor matchesin its second year! So much interest in this program has made it hard to keep up with the demand for mentors. If you are a woman (or man) in the industry who is willing to take just an hour of time each month to talk to another woman to help her build her career in HVACR, we need you!

Here are a few of the current applicants who are currently seeking mentors:

  1. A Marketing Manager from North Carolina is seeking a mentor to help her understand how best to connect with wholesalers, create powerful campaigns that target them, and understand the industry better. Her favorite things are hanging out with friends, tea and outdoor activities. She’d prefer her mentor be a wholesaler, if possible. Be her Mentor!
  2. An Owner/CEO of an HVAC contracting firm in Missouri is seeking a mentor to help her grow her business and be able to share success with others. Her favorite things are public speaking, writing and storytelling. She is seeking a mentor who understands Dave Ramsey and the debt snowball. She has strong family connections and struggles with balancing life and work. She is alsoa woman of faith whowould like to be connected with someone that understands her passion for religion. Be her Mentor!
  3. A preventive maintenance technician in Ohio working primarily on refrigeration is seeking a mentor to help kick start her career. Be her Mentor!

Signing up is easy. Just click on the Be her Mentor! link and provide your contact information. If you are interested in mentoring one of the women listed above, please include her name in the notes section. If you do not provide the name, the WHVACR Mentorship committee will match you with one of these women, or one of the many new applicants we get every month.

Whether you’ve had five years in the industry or forty, you have something to offer. Your valuable experience, advice and knowledge could help build the career of another woman in the field. Sign up TODAY to do your part so support women in the HVACR industry!

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The Single Zone Solution Perfect for Light Commercial Spaces With Over-Cooling Problems

Excited about your promotion from cubicle row to that room with the view? You may not be after spending a week there…especially if it’s that space that has the over-cooling problem. No wonder the last guy there quit! Or, did he freeze to death?

Zone One Two-position, Stand-alone Dampers

Zone One is a control damper assembly designed to solve over-heating and over-cooling problems in light commercial spaces. It can be used to control a single room, or by using multiple dampers to zone multiple rooms. Zone One is available as two-position or modulating and with a damper or diffuser.

Zone One doesn’t take over control of the equipment, it simply provides a comfort solution for a single area. The damper is wired to a thermostat* in the room or area where it’s too cold (or too hot). Using a duct temperature sensor mounted on the damper, the damper will open or close to help maintain setpoint based on the air temperature in the duct system. Because no zone control panel is required (control from the thermostat that works directly with the temperature sensor affixed to the round or square damper), installation is quick, easy and flexible. Controls come pre-wired and offer auto-changeover.

Zone One solves over-cooling problems in conference rooms, reception areas, offices…and other light commercial areas that typically run too cold or too hot. It also minimizes complaints and may increase productivity!

For more information on the Zone One, visit For a quote, call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.

Gets 10% rebate on all zoning orders with your membership.

*The UT32 Titan Thermostat must be ordered separately.

CHICAGO, IL MAY 2-4, 2018


Joseph M. Welch, President
Badger Metals, Inc.
I am often asked why a small distributor like Badger Metals supports the group Women in HVACR along with generally much larger companies.  The answer is fairly simple – we have seen the power of support, networking, and education!
The inaugural Ducted Systems Women in HVAC event, held in early April, provided women with knowledge, networking and inspiration to serve as leaders in the HVAC industry. The two-day event included visits to Johnson Controls plants in Norman, Oklahoma, and Wichita, Kansas, where they toured the training, testing and manufacturing facilities.
WHVACR Favorites
Kristin Jordan and Chisolm Brunner cannot live without their passion planners. This is not your typical calendar. It is a personal organizer that help you identify your goals and build towards them each day. #defyinggravity

Women in HVACR, Inc. is announcing the formation of an Ambassador program. This program will help appointed Ambassador membership individuals facilitate outreach programs within Women in HVACR.
Our goal is to create regional opportunities for networking, educational support and awareness that HVACR is an outstanding career path for women. The Ambassador Program will further interest and growth of women, both young and seasoned.
Please send an email to if you would like to help our organization as we launch this initiative.

Thank you to the the applicants for our 2018 scholarships. We are currently reviewing them and will be notifying the winners soon.
Melissa Hyatt
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
FTL Finance
Our team at FTL Finance knows the value of supporting women and encouraging their growth and success in our most important market HVAC. A more diverse workforce will naturally contribute new and fresh ideas to the HVAC industry.
#WOMENINHVACR: We work in a “hidden” industry mostly behind walls and on roof tops. This year, WHVACR is defying walls and wants the world to know we are actively working in an attractive financially sound industry. When you meet in person, please take a photo and post it using our hash-tag #womeninhvacr.
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Women in HVACR exists to improve the lives of our members by providing professional avenues to connect with other women growing their careers in the HVACR industry. We empower women to succeed through networking opportunities, mentoring and education.
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