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October 13th - 15th, 2021
Don't miss the Women in HVACR 18th Annual Conference as we explore: "Breaking the Surface" in St. Petersburg Florida. Join us for this exciting event as you reconnect with old friends and network with other women leaders in the HVACR industry.
2021 Women in HVACR 18th Annual Conference
Why Attend? We are a national organization of women throughout the HVACR industry. This event offers exceptional opportunities to grow your network and gain knowledge about the industry. Roundtable discussions provide real world “what works” discussions. Educational tracks provide business, sales, and technical application training. Keynote speakers deliver personal and professional growth opportunities focused on taking business to the next level.
Who attends: Field Technician, Contractors, Distributors, Suppliers, Service Providers, Manufacturers, Educators, Anyone and Everyone in our Industry!
Women in HVACR is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting career growth in the HVACR Industry. We are proud sponsors of women's education through our scholarship program and our close association with trade schools.
Our success has been, in part, due to support we have received from the HVACR community but also the great value we bring to the individuals, and businesses they serve.



    DAY 1
    Betsy Allen Manning
    DAY 1
    Anette Comer
    DAY 1
    Liz Patrick
    Partner Spotlight
    DAY 2
    Lisa Fey
    DAY 2
    Emily Saving
    Partner Spotlight

Betsy Allen Manning

- Success Strategist For High Performing Leaders & Teams | Amazon Best Selling Author

Reset & Recharge – Rapidly Improve Your Team’s Mindset, Productivity & Culture

People are experiencing high levels of overwhelm, burnout & change fatigue in the workplace, which leads to conflict, low morale, low productivity, & high turnover. Leaders need to be prepared to quickly help their teams reset & recharge so they’re able to function at their optimal performance, and truly enjoy the place they work at. Bring Betsy in to inspire your leaders to create a culture where team members are mentally strong, more productive & set up to thrive no matter what challenges or changes they’re facing.

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Discover techniques to reduce stress, burnout & overwhelm while increasing resilience & positive thinking.
  • Develop a ‘productive mindset’ within your team members and use techniques to help them beat procrastination, eliminate time stealers & become self-accountable.
  • Get strategies to improve communication, collaboration & innovation to help your team thrive through times of change.
  • Learn how different personality styles react to stress & how to tap into your strengths for stronger ’Mental Performance’.

Speaker Bio:

Featured on FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC & TEDx, Betsy Allen-Manning is founder of the consulting firm, Motiv8u Enterprises, and is a top-rated keynote speaker; known for inspiring people with her story of going from failure…to worldwide singer…to global impactor. With an expertise in human behavior and experience working as a manager for Disney & 5-star hotels, Betsy is honored to have trained over 7,500 leaders & teams for small businesses, franchises & associations, to multi-billion dollar corporations, such as Toshiba, Fidelity, Six Flags & The U.S. Dept. of Defense. An author of 3 books, Betsy’s mission is to develop the ‘Impact Leader’ in everyone, so they can live a more successful & significant life.

Anette Commer

- Best Selling Author and Founder of The World’s Greatest Women Academy

The 5 Skills Women Must Have To Reach The Pinnacle Of Success

Ever wonder why some women reach limited success no matter how hard they try while others soar to greatness with ease? Is it more education, the people they know or being in the right place at the right time? What if it’s none of these?  Based on four decades of business experience and research as well having interviewed over 135 powerful women, Comer offers a breakthrough perspective on what it takes for a woman to reach the pinnacle of success in a world controlled by men.

You’ll learn:

  • The skill you need to leverage so you no longer miss opportunities or get yourself into difficult situations.
  • How to strengthen your leadership toughness so you show up strong and thinking like a winner.
  • The skill most men have that women lack – and why it is key to not being blindsided in business and life.
  • What to finetune to be heard and respected for the business woman you are.
  • What skill can 10X your confidence and the confidence others have in you.

Speaker Bio:

Best-Selling Author, Founder of The World’s Greatest Women Academy and The World’s Greatest Women podcast as well as the recipient of the coveted Woman of The Year award from the National Association of Professional Women, Annette Comer teaches driven women how to reach the pinnacle of success without losing their authentic selves.

Her no-nonsense approach is rich with knowledge from science-based research studies as well as her own playbook across a variety of businesses as a corporate and entrepreneur leader. But what’s most important is who women become after they experience Annette’s life changing process.  Business women not only develop the skills to become powerful leaders who can embody their authenticity but also leaders who can walk side by side with men to bring about positive change in the world.

According to best-selling author Brian Tracy, “What Annette teaches is practically proven and field tested with people all over the world. She is truly unique in all aspects.”

Tony Heish, CEO of Zappos, says, “Annette inspires others to think creatively and overcome adversity.”

Lisa Sasevich, CEO of The Invisible Close and INC 500 Award recipient, shared “Annette helps successful driven women like us stop sabotaging our own success and lead with confidence.”

After 20 years in a variety of corporate management positions and having secured 2 patents, she left corporate America to put her skills full time toward being an entrepreneur.

In a few short years, she had four businesses in a variety of industries in addition to speaking all over the world. Annette is the undisputed expert on women’s leadership and what is needed to bridge the gender gap between men and women in business.

Liz Patrick

- VP Strategic Alliances of Service Nation

Women, Power & Leadership

Gender bias lives in our subconscious and yet permeates our culture. Women are different than men and that’s a good thing. Today, women wield an astonishing amount of financial control, represent the majority of humans on this planet earth and yet fill only a fraction of upper management leadership positions.

Participants will learn:

  • How men and women are different.
  • Where do women really hold the power and how they got it.
  • Things women do differently than men, which hurt how we are perceived as leaders.

Speaker Bio:

Liz Patrick is Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Service Nation, Inc.  Liz joined Service Nation in 2006 and was initially responsible for growing the company’s international membership base.  In the ensuing years, the company has seen extraordinary growth with a 185.23% increase of the Service Roundtable membership.  In 2010 Liz created and launched Roundtable Rewards, which provides Service Roundtable members with rebates for purchasing products and services from the industries’ premier manufacturers and distributors. Since its inception, Roundtable Rewards has processed over $2 Billion contractor purchases and paid out over $62.8M in rebate.

Lisa Fey

- Speaker, Facilitator, and Consultant

When There’s No Line at the Ladies Room

(Lessons from a Lifetime in Corporate America)

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify actions that that may be holding them back
  • Identify alternative actions to accelerate their position
  • Discuss how their actions impact their path
  • Determine the implications of of trying to succeed ‘because of’ versus ‘in spite of'

Speaker Bio:

Lisa was recruited off her college campus into The Coca-Cola Company - leaving a fairly balanced environment and entering a ‘man’s world’ in corporate America. Lisa was there 30 years, and there are a few things she wishes people had told her early on. When There’s No Line at the Ladies Room is a candid and humorous look at her journey and experiences, where she shares lessons that still apply in today’s world.

Emily Saving

- Executive Vice President of HARDI

HARDI’s Hot Takes: Our Analysis of the Current HVACR Business & Policy Climate

In this session, HARDI will present the macro trends and current leading indicators, including policy, economics and the labor market, that will help your HVACR business grow share and delight customers.

Participants will learn:

  • Which industry segments are growing (or declining) at what rate
  • What legislative or regulatory priorities will impact your 2022
  • What industry headwinds might impede your ability to succeed

Speaker Bio:

Emily Saving is the Executive Vice President of HARDI, the trade association for HVACR wholesalers and their supplier partners. In her role, Emily oversees the various staff and departments in fulfillment of HARDI’s mission – to make HVACR distribution the channel of choice for HVACR suppliers and contractors. She has worked in various capacities for HARDI for 10 years, and before that worked in the insurance industry. She received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from The Ohio State University, where her loyalty (and student loan debt) are undying.
    DAY 1
    DAY 1
    DAY 2
    Ruth King
    Tracy Shear
    Don Gillis

Ruth King

Sales? Negotiation? Motivation? Steps to get what you want

Sales, negotiation, and motivation are really the same thing – you getting what you think you want.

This session reveals steps and processes you could use to get what you want – whether it is a raise, a sale, going to dinner at your favorite restaurant, or just time for yourself.

Speaker Bio:

Profitability Master Ruth King has worked in the construction industry (including plumbing, heating and air conditioning, generators, pool and spa companies, etc.) since 1987. Her work includes consulting in sales and marketing, finance, technical training, and operations challenges.

Ruth has been instrumental in helping business owners understand and profitably use the information generated from the financial segment of their businesses. She has a knack for helping business owners truly understand financials.

She is especially proud of one HVAC contractor she helped climb out of a big hole. He started with a negative $400,000 net worth 15 years ago and is still in business today…profitably and with a positive net worth.

After twelve years on the road, doing 200 flights per year, she knew there had to be a better way to reach business people who wanted to build their businesses and train their employees. She began training on the Internet in 1998 and began the first television like broadcasting in 2002. Channels currently include and

Ruth holds an MBA in Finance from Georgia State University and Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University and the University of Pennsylvania.

She holds a Class II HVAC contractor’s license (inactive) in Georgia.

Ruth is passionate about helping adults learn to read, photography, and marathon races.  She helped start an adult literacy organization in 1986 that currently serves over 1,000 adults per year and ran the Boston Marathon and 11 other marathons so far.

Ruth has written many manuals and books including the popular Operations Manuals: Best Practices for Running a Profitable Service and Replacement company.

Her latest book, Profit or Wealth? reached #1 in October, 2020.  This book is preceded by The Ugly Truth about Cash and the #1 best-selling book, The Courage to be Profitable.  These two books were named two of 37 books start ups should read, along with the books of Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie and other esteemed authors.  She is also the author of two other award winning books, The Ugly Truth about Small Business and The Ugly Truth about Managing People.

She contributes a monthly financial column to HVACR Business as well as columns in Reeves Journal, Today’s AC, and many other regional publications. Ruth is part of Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Advocate brain trusts and appears frequently on his national radio program.  She has also been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal Radio Network, the Big Biz Show, and many regional and local radio programs.

Ruth has spoken for national and state association meetings, national and local trade shows, manufacturers, distributors, and others in 49 of 50 states. (She is looking for a reason to go to North Dakota).

Tracy Shear

- Marketing Manager of iMarket Solutions

There’s a New Hero in Your Marketing Story (Hint: It’s Not You)

Customers don’t want to be told what to do; they want to know WHY they should do it. With merely seconds to grab their attention, it is critical to put the customer in the driver’s seat, allowing them to feel like they are the hero in your marketing story

You’ll discover how using emotionally-charged content that puts your customer, not your brand, at the center of the story can have a big impact on your marketing success. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to craft campaign ideas that tell the customer’s story, guide their buying decisions and boost your conversions

What people will learn from this topic:

  • Discover how to use storytelling to create cohesive campaigns across multiple marketing channels
  • Learn how to create and optimize promotions that convert
  • Distinguish the difference between marketing content that positions your brand or your customer as the hero

Speaker Bio:

Based in southern California, Tracy Shear is the Marketing Manager for iMarket Solutions, a digital marketing agency dedicated to the business growth and success of HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors. She joined the iMarket team in 2013 as an account manager and has helped grow the company from a few dozen contractor clients to several hundred spanning the US and Canada. With a background in journalism and advertising, Tracy loves the challenge of developing brand experiences and marketing strategies that help showcase the unique opportunities and expertise of the home services industry. Her focus on building meaningful relationships with industry organizations led her to sponsor Women in HVACR, where her management team (50% of which are women!) can connect, network and learn from other inspiring women and leaders in the trades. You can find Tracy enjoying any of the 4 C's in her free time: camping, crafting, concerts, and craft beer.

Don Gillis

- Lead Technical Trainer for Emerson Educational Services USA

Refrigerant Cycle Fundamentals

What you will learn: The Refrigerant cycle with a slight twist, and what is Super heat and sub-cooling and why should we care?

  • Refrigeration System Components
  • Refrigerant Conditions:
    • Saturated
    • Subcooled
    • Superheat

Speaker Bio:

Don Gillis joined Emerson 2017. He has 28 years of HVACR industry experience including roles as an Installer, Service Technician, Service Manager, Tech Support Representative, and full time HVACR Instructor.

Don is a licensed HVACR journeyman and has his EPA 608 certification. Don has served on the Heating Advisory Board for Ivy Tech Community College and has been a guest speaker at HVACR industry events including the HVACR Educators & Trainers Conference, RSES Conference, and HVACR Technology Expo. Don is often quoted in national trade magazines and has served as a judge for the Skills USA National Championship for the last three years.

Don attended Vantage Vocational school, the University of Toledo, and Ivy Tech Community College. His industry recognized credentials include being BPI certified, a RSES Member, and holds an OSHA Supervisor Certification.

    Thelma Tamaz
    Dave Squires
    Tom Jackson

Thelma Tamaz

- Owner of La Encantada Diversity Equality and Inclusion

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Without a diverse workforce, organizations run the risk of viewing things from a very limited perspective. To get the most innovative solutions from the individuals in your business, you need to create an environment that embraces inclusion and avoids bias and stereotyping. We will focus on what diversity is and how to leverage the diversity within your organization.

  • Identifying Bias
    • Confirmation Bias
    • Prototyping Bias
    • Similarity Bias
  • Diversity
    • What is Diversity?
    • Visible vs. Invisible Characteristics
  • Inclusion
    • Diversity without inclusion is meaningless
  • Bridging the Diversity Gap
    • Diversity in the workplace
    • Overcoming barriers
    • Avoid Monoculture

Speaker Bio:

Thelma Elizabeth Tamez was born and raised in McAllen TX. Her childhood was shared between Rio Grande Valley and Mexico, as her father’s business provided her and her family with the opportunity to travel across Mexico which is how Thelma fell in love with both cultures.

Thelma graduated from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in 2017 with a Bachelor in Science with a major in Psychology and a minor in Human Resources. While obtaining her degree, she worked as a full-time employee for T-Mobile while serving at multiple boards and leading the Diversity & Inclusion Chapter for Mission Call Center.

She started T-Mobile in 2008 as a Bilingual Frontline expert, she worked her way up to a leadership role in 2014. During this time Diversity & Inclusion was starting to be an important topic at T-Mobile. During this time, she joined the chapter as a co-lead for Women’s Leadership Network. Her passion has always been to support women in leadership roles and help them be successful in a male-dominated workforce. In 2016, Thelma took the lead role as Mission’s Diversity & Inclusion Chapter. She has supported the site to lead the nation with the #1 in Employee Network Participation. She has created 100’s of events for Mission including an AMPED call with Senior Executive Vice President of T-Mobile with over 15000 viewers. She has created an environment of inclusiveness through education with multigeneration, multicultural, supporting LGBTQ community, veterans and supporting all groups with disabilities.

Thelma is a local entrepreneur of the Rio Grande Valley. She has launched La Encantada Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion LLC. Her many years of experience and development in the field have made her an expert in inclusive topics. La Encantada offers education and development to local businesses and schools. She has witnessed firsthand the importance of having an inclusive environment in the workforce.

Thelma is passionate about her community, serving on multiple boards and supporting multiple organizations. She is a member of the Junior League of McAllen, Organization of Women Executives, Leadership McAllen Class 35, & FemCity.

Dave Squires

- President/CEO of Online Access, Inc.

Managing Employees to Stay

Keeping your people onboard is critical to your company today—especially as the demand for skilled employees continues to increase. Understanding why employees leave—as well as strategies you can employ to increase retention—is critical moving forward. As important as the culture of your business is—there are still fundamental management initiatives you can adopt to reduce turn-over and retain good employees.

This session will cover:

  • Typical reasons personnel cite as the cause for leaving.
  • Looking forward, to position your business better to retain people.
  • Recognizing & dealing with bad perceptions so they don’t lead to bad decisions.
  • How bad management and communication skills can drive employees off.
  • Awareness of what—and who—will influence an employee to decide to leave.
  • Damage control you need to consider when an employee leaves.

Speaker Bio:

David Squires, a pioneer in using the Internet to market residential HVAC & Plumbing businesses, is bringing contractors all over North America into the 20th century, showing them how to make today's communication technology work in their contracting business. A regular presenter on Internet Marketing specifically for the HVAC & Plumbing industry, he has been invited to educate contractors at conferences and training organizations including Comfortech, CMX/Ciphex (Canada), Service World, International Roundtable, International Service Leadership, AirTime 500, Michigan ACCA and ASHRAE. Mr. Squires has been featured in and written articles for Contracting Canada, Contracting Business and the ACHR News. Currently, hundreds of contractors use David's Internet web site company, Online Access, to successfully provide them with a cost-effective Internet solution that will work in any contracting business. Its PagePilot system gives contractors the ability to easily customize and control their own professional web sites without any technical background or experience required. A HVAC/Plumbing contractor himself, Mr. Squires enjoys educating contractors and helping them understand the significance of the Internet's role in their marketing efforts.

Thomas (Tom) W. Jackson

- Chief Executive Officer of Jackson Systems

Why Offer Zoning To Your Clients and What Technical Information Do You Need To Know?

What is zoning. Why your clients want zoning. The components that make up a zoning system. How to install and troubleshoot zoning. It is the perfect solution to give your clients the comfort they desire and deserve.

What You Will Learn:

  • Different Types of Zoning
  • What is Forced-air Zoning
  • Review Heat Gain and Heat Loss
  • Common Issues with Temperature Control
  • Important Questions to Ask the Client about Temperature Control
  • Components of a Zoning System
  • Proprietary Systems
  • The Importance of Static Pressure
  • The Role of Bypass in a Zoning System
  • Basic Design Considerations
  • Troubleshooting Zoning Systems

Speaker Bio:

Tom Jackson is the chief executive officer of Jackson Systems, LLC. A Purdue University graduate, Tom is a degreed engineer and spent several years as a territory manager with a large heating and cooling wholesaler in Indiana. During that time, Tom learned a great deal about controls, equipment and incredible client service. In 1997, Tom partnered with his parents to start Jackson Systems. While he is involved with most aspects of the business, he focuses on long-term strategies, product development and making Jackson Systems an incredible place to work. Tom, Ron and Bette have grown Jackson Systems from a start-up to over a $25M company with almost 100 employees. Jackson Systems has won “Best Places to Work” nine (9) times for the State of Indiana.

Tom was a founding Board Member of the Zoning Marketing Alliance (ZMA), which merged with the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), the premiere governing body of the HVAC industry. Additionally, Tom is on the Board of Directors for the Indiana HVAC Association and serves on two national committees for the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). Tom also received the National Distinguished Service Award from ACCA.

Tom lives in Indianapolis with his wife Jane and their two children. He is active in the Boy Scouts of America. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout and has the distinct honor of being awarded the Silver Beaver, Scouting’s top honor. But his greatest Scouting accomplishment was seeing his son earn his Eagle Scout award. Tom is a soldier in the Indiana Guard Reserve, a member of Kiwanis International, active with St. Mark Catholic Church, the Wishing Well Fund and Alpha Phi Omega service organization. Tom is committed to improving the lives of others and dedicated to his employees and community.
    Yirla Nolan
    Nancy O'Hare-Zika
    Bryan Orr

Yirla Rubi Gonzalez Nolan

- President at Faro Professional Services | Strategy Coach

Personal Branding: Creating a Stellar LinkedIn Profile

A well-written LinkedIn profile will establish you as a trustworthy business person and leader. This is a LinkedIn branding workshop and strategy session that will enable attendees to position themselves and their brand for career and business success. Attendees will create an attention-grabbing LinkedIn account by learning what groups to join on LinkedIn, how to become a published author on LinkedIn, how to network on LinkedIn, and more! Attendees will also create their pitch for new connection introductions.

  1. Attendees will create a non-sales pitch for new contact introductions.
  2. Attendees will learn what groups to join for maximum networking opportunities.
  3. Attendees will review the process of becoming a published author on LinkedIn.
  4. Attendees will learn how to rank their names on Google by using LinkedIn.
  5. Attendees will learn how to build their professional brand online.

Speaker Bio:

Yirla Rubi Gonzalez-Nolan is a Mexico born and Texas raised entrepreneur living in the Rio Grande Valley. Yirla is the owner of Faro Professional Services, where she provides her Strategy Coaching skills to develop high-potential professionals, gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve development objectives, and unlock their higher potentials.

A graduate from Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Yirla has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has over ten years of experience in marketing, public relations, sales, communications, finance, event planning, fundraising, and business development.

Her diverse background in managing non-profits and for-profit organizations has afforded her the opportunity to develop and execute best practices beneficial to owning a business. Faro Professional Services is a business Yirla started in 2016 after seeing the lack of professional development offered in the Rio Grande Valley. Yirla’s ultimate goal is to develop people into better professionals so they can perform better at their job, which in turn will create more successful businesses and a better economy for the Rio Grande Valley. Faro Professional Services offers professionals with personal branding services such as resume writing, bio write-ups, portfolio creation, and more. Yirla also runs the Power Circle program, which is a program of accountability groups for high-performing women. Yirla helps Power Circles reach their personal and professional goals through goal setting, strategic planning, and accountability support. You can also catch Yirla interview other experts and professional through her twice-a-week Faro Power Talks. Yirla also currently serves as the Chief Development Officer for the Boys & Girls Club of McAllen, where she encourages engagement between the club and the community. Boys & Girls Club of McAllen serves over 12,000 kids in the McAllen area.

Yirla’s commitment to her community has catapulted her into many leadership roles in local organizations. Yirla has served as the Chair for Organization of Women Executives, Programs Chair for Femcity RGV, and is the current President for Junior League of McAllen. Yirla is also a graduate of Leadership McAllen Class 35, serves on the City of Mission Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Board and the International Museum of Arts & Science Board.

Yirla is a writing contributor to various platforms, and you can catch her past work in The Life Magazine,, HuffPost, and at Yirla’s personal story from immigrant to entrepreneur has been featured in the HerCampus digital magazine and the I Am Latino magazine.

In her spare time, you will find Yirla reading a great book, BBQ-ing with family, or traveling the world! Yirla lives in Mission, TX, with her husband Pedro Villagran and her fur-babies Fitz and Zelda.

Nancy O'Hare-Zika

- Owner/CEO of Yellow Dog Creative

Recruitment Marketing for the Home Service Company

How to effectively utilize marketing for recruitment efforts. We will discuss the role that marketing plays in the recruitment process.

What People will learn from this Topic:

  1. The importance of branding your company ( Brand Equity)
  2. How marketing can assist you in recruitment
  3. Best platforms for recruitment and how it works
  4. How to retain them now that you have them

Speaker Bio:

is the owner of Yellow Dog Creative, formerly Swick Media Services, a

Michigan-based creative agency focusing on the marketing needs of companies across the skilled trades

Nancy spent 16 years working exclusively in the PHCE industry, both as the Marketing Director & General Manager of Swick Home Services in Marquette, Michigan, and the past 7 years as owner of Swick Media/Yellow Dog Creative

This company was created out of necessity. They were tired of poor quality, lowbudget “spoof” television commercials with dancing dogs and terrible jokes. This type of advertising did nothing to represent the company, nor did it help them develop their “brand” as a hardworking, honest, and credible company. Because of this, they decided to create their own style of advertising, and… it worked!

They witnessed tremendous growth at Swick Home Services with the help of this form of marketing and set out to assist other PHCE companies achieve their media goals. They have worked with hundreds of companies, big and small, across the US and Canada with one goal in mind: MAKE. THE. PHONE. RING!

Nancy is a married mom of three kids and two golden retrievers, Boulder and Doppler, who occupy more time than the three kids put together. She enjoys traveling, fishing, and gardening.

Bryan Orr

- Founder, HVAC School and President, Kalos Services, Inc.

HVAC Physics and General Fun Science

So much of what we do comes down to really basic physics and many of the misunderstandings we (and our customers) have can be cleared up with some better understanding of the basics of physics. Learn about the facts and myths about humidity.

Speaker Bio:

Founder of HVAC School and President at Kalos Services, Bryan has been involved in HVAC training for over 13 years. Bryan started HVAC School to be free training HVAC/R across many mediums, For Techs, By Techs. Bryan works with many organizations as an industry, business and marketing consultant as well as an educator.

WHVACR 18th Annual Conference

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