Phoenix Regional Meeting 2022

NCI is offering a $100 discount to any WHVACR members that sign up for Summit
10438 WeKoPa Way
Fort McDowell, AZ 85264
In conjuction with the NCI Spring summit event. WHVACR will be a holding a regional meeting the Sunday before the event. This event is open to anyone!
Amanda Powell
Power Selling Pros

De-Escalating Upset Callers

Talking with an upset customer can be stressful and intimidating. Come and learn some tools that will help you de-escalate that upset customer call so that the customer feels heard and a productive conversation can take place.

Bio: Amanda is a Master Trainer at Power Selling Pros, which puts her in charge of CSR and dispatcher trainings to companies across North America and as far away as Australia. Amanda graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and pursued her dream as a teacher for several years before joining Power Selling Pros. She uses her skill set that she developed as a professional educator to help CSRs and dispatchers reach their full performance potential. She enjoys finding ways to engage, collaborate, and problem solve so trainees feel excited to utilize their new communication tools and intentionally target an enhanced client acquisition strategy with their personality still intact.
Marcia Christiansen
Peco Control Systems

FACING CHANGE: A force for good in the workplace

Change is hard. We all gravitate to what is familiar. How often do we stop to ask “does this really add value?” This presentation is a discussion on how small changes in the workplace can improve work flow, processes and get people working toward continual improvement. Waste shows up as over production, defects, disorganization, poor process flow and waiting. None of these add value and most use resources that can be reallocated to add value back. We will show you a case study in change at our factory that generates hundreds of improvements every year. You will see how to start a program that can help your organization implement a continuous improvement program.

Bio: Marcia Christiansen is the National Sales Manager for PECO, a manufacturer of thermostats for the HVAC, Industrial and Commercial Cooking industries. Marcia is a key technical resource for PECO and has both lead and shared in development of multiple new products. She has been in the industry for 27 years. In her current position she manages PECO’s Manufacturer Representatives, Distribution Partners and OEM Accounts. Marcia attended Portland State and graduated with certificates in Project Management. In addition to a love of the outdoors, her hobbies include cooking, playing music and camping in her 1957 Airstream Trailer. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and dogs.

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