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2018 Scholarship Winners


This year we awarded $2,000 scholarships to 4 students!
“My long term professional goal is to one day obtain my HVACR license, so I can own my own air conditioning business and help other women get the necessary experience and training, so they can succeed in this male dominated industry.”
“The industry has grown from a luxury to a necessity. Therefore it’s significance is overwhelming. HVACR is a Technology that virtually affects every aspect of daily life… There are a number of important issues facing our field today. For instance the number of females that are entering the program is still low. There is urgent need to step-up the efforts being made to motivate young girls to enroll in the HVACR Program”
“My long term professional goals in the HVACR industry is to be a business partner with my dad. I currently want to focus more on the sales side of the industry, but I am not afraid to do the technical work required. Fixing things is fun and helping meet the needs of customers is a passion.”
“I got my first taste of manual labor when I helped my mother with remodeling her home last year- I removed the entire chimney. It was summer time, it was hot and sweaty work, and I dropped bricks on my toes a couple times. But it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had and nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment I felt once I’d completed it. I started joking with friends that I would have been a contractor in another life. And when a friend came over to fix my AC a couple months ago, I found myself impressed with how knowledgeable and skilled he was. He showed my some basics with his voltmeter and my failed capacitor, and I found it all very intricate and interesting- I wanted to know more about how it all worked. He mentioned to me that he had never seen any female technicians in his fifteen years as an HVAC technician. I think that is what really cemented my desire to go to school for it.”