We Were Proud to Sponsor Two AHR Educational Sessions
David Squires
Monday, January 25th, 11:00am-12:30pm
Conference Room S320C
"A Contractor's Guide to the Magic, Myths & Misrepresentations of Internet Marketing "
David Squires, an HVAC contractor as well as President of Contr@ctor's Online-Access, routinely shows contractors how to separate hype from reality when it comes to Contractor Internet Marketing, and how to utilize their websites to make more sales.

David's experience working with hundreds of HVAC companies and straight-forward presentation will take you behind the curtain of hype and unfulfilled promises being sold today. It will give you an solid understanding of how to view Internet marketing and potentially save you thousands of dollars from making bad decisions.

Just like everything else in life, you can never win any game if you don't know the rules, so don't miss this eye-opening (and money saving) presentation.
Rodney Koop
The New Flat Rate
Tuesday, January 26th, 1:30pm-3:00pm
Conference Room S320C
"What's New with Flat Rate Pricing"
Rodney Koop is the founder and CEO of The New Flat Rate. He has Been in the industry for 40+ years and a business owner for over 3 decades! He brings a wealth of knowledge and an understanding of consumer purchasing habits that is literally unmatched.

Rodney will be there to explain how and why The New Flat Rate works and to provide training and support related to current members. Rodney is most passionate about his wife, 9 children, boating and, more recently, four-wheeling in the mud.

What's the New Flat Rate Pricing
Does your Flat Rate Pricing follow the 'click here buy now' model? Your customer no longer has time to be sold. Learn how to speed up the process by using Amazon.com's 3 key strategies to restore your flat rate pricing system.
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