Women in HVACR
will host a FREE Educational Session
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When: Tuesday January 24th
Where: Dallas Convention Center
Room: D167
Time: 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.
Free Session!!!
Session Summary:
Making Your Company Whole with Home Performance


With many HVAC contractors continuing to feel the squeeze of a sluggish economy, smart companies are looking for  alternative revenue streams to grow more profitably.  One of the most interesting and potentially explosive opportunities is in the home performance industry.  In fact, there are major opportunities available only to HVAC contractors, provided they know how to take advantage of them. 


Whether you’re thinking about breaking into the home performance arena or have already started down this path, this session will teach you the real-world management strategies of implementing home performance as part of your HVAC business so that you can ensure growth and profitability for years to come.  This session will help attendees identify “holes in the profit bucket” and explain how to plug them.  Attendees will leave with the tools they need to immediately impact the profitability of their home performance operations.


Home performance and HVAC  expert Blaine Fox will teach attendees how to:

  1. Improve their retail sales and marketing strategy to generate more leads, close more upgrade and retrofit sales, and achieve the lowest Cost per Customer Acquisition (CCA) possible.
  2. Understand and apply the core principles of labor management to ensure profitability on each job.
  3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and what the progressive home performance contractor manages and measures in a profitable business.

Blaine will also share proprietary market research about home performance contracting and help forecast how the landscape will evolve in the future, and how top companies can position themselves for success.



If you’re serious about growing your HVAC business and embracing home performance as a pathway to profitability, be sure to make time for this can’t miss session!


About the Speaker: 
Blaine Fox, Vice President- Business Development for Warm Thoughts Communications, is a recognized expert on the mechanical services industry and is a LEED-AP. He is currently working with some of the nations leading HVAC and home performance contractors to improve their marketing, fine-tune their operations , grow bottom line profits and build sustainable business models. In addition, he works extensively with energy companies (both unregulated and regulated) that are moving into the residential services business. Blaine is also involved in business planning and development activities for public utilities and private companies moving into the emerging home performance arena.
Blaine is a sought after speaker and a frequent contributor to energy industry trade publications. He is a past editorial consultant to Contracting Business Magazine, a leading HVACR trade magazine and currently serves as a regular columnist for Contracting Business's HVAC-Talk.com e-newsletter. He is a member of ACCA, ASHRAE, and served on the Advocacy Committee of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council. Blaine can be reached at: bfox@warmthoughts.com