2010 Annual Conference Highlights

Fellow Women in HVACR

If you missed the 7th Annual Conference for Women in HVACR “Achievement through Teambuilding” held in Baltimore on September 22nd, let me tell you, YOU MISSED OUT!  This year’s event was packed full of dynamic presentations, interactive workshop sessions, energetic women and more! 

Let me take just a minute to tell you what you missed!

President’s Welcome

This year’s President, Kim O’Neal, along with your Board of Directors, has spent a lot of time and energy bringing you an event to remember in a fun, learning environment.  Reach out and touch Kim; she wants to hear from you and learn what you want to see from the organization.

  • Team Building Exercise

Patti Ellingson opened the conference with this energetic ice-breaking exercise.  We got to know our fellow attendees by selecting animals that embodied each table’s strengths.  Patti shared a list of animal characteristics from which to choose in making a symbolic group table totem pole.  It was a lot of fun, plus we got to share amazing strengths from each group!

  • Disc Personality Profiles

Past President of Women in HVACR and entrepreneur, Ruth King, led us through this thought provoking exercise to discover our work personality profile.  After learning characteristics of the profile pattern we fit, Ruth stepped us through how to adjust our style in situation exercises.  Do YOU know if your style is introverted or extroverted?  How do you “talk” to a people oriented personality style if you are task oriented?  Just attending this one session equipped attendees with skills that will help face difficult situations on a daily basis!

  • Non-Verbal Communication Packs a Powerful Punch

Keynote speaker and seminar leader, Sharon Roberts, shared lethal non-verbal, silent signals that speak to our customers and peers much louder than words!  Sharon coached us on how to pay attention to these costly silent communicators in our interactions with both internal and external customers.  Do you know what you are saying without speaking a word?

  • Luncheon Keynote

During lunch, Contracting Business 2010 HVACR Woman of the Year, Carol Papesh, shared her roots and the experiences that brought her to a pinnacle of success.  We need strengths like yours, Carol!  Welcome to the Women in HVACR! 

  • Symptoms of a Struggling Team

There were no signs of a sleepy group after lunch, with Phil Garret’s lively presentation on how to recognize the top 5 dysfunctions of a team.  Do you know how to tell if you are just in a group or part of a team?  Phil taught us the key stepping stones to creating a successful team performance.  We followed up with a group exercise to create a clear definition of the purpose of a team, in seven words or less! The group used this opportunity to create the purpose statement for your organization, the Women in HVACR!  You will be hearing more about this, as we ask for your vote on the top choice!

  • How to Say NO!

It’s hard to say “no” to Sharon McGee, an outstanding leader who knows as well as anyone what it takes to reach goals!  Sharon took us through thought provoking exercises designed to help us categorize priorities and achieve our objectives.  We learned that process sometimes includes learning how to say “no” when taking on additional commitments.  Sharon left us with a final exercise to create our own eulogy….do you know what legacy you are leaving with your current priorities?


WOW!  You can see what an AWESOME event this was for all of the attendees.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been more of our members attending!  Now is the right time to commit to NEXT YEAR’s event.  Mail in your commitment form in today to lock in this year’s prices!

Were You There???