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Full Tech Program

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HVACR Tech Launch Program
270 (or more) online instructional hours
The HVACR Tech Launch Program is a comprehensive online HVACR education program encompassing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. In addition to a rich selection of basics courses, you choose as your final course an elective that fits your line of work or a system type used in your geographic area. The program is specifically structured to provide a well-rounded introduction to the skills of installers and technicians who are:
  • Just beginning in the HVACR industry
  • Continuing education to upgrade knowledge and skills
  • Preparing for an initial EPA 608 Refrigerant Handling Exam
  • Preparing for the R-410A Refrigerant Handling Qualification
  • Preparing for certifications or outcome exams: HVAC Excellence Work Ready Exams, or NATE Service Core
  • Preparing for state license exams that are often coupled with two or more years work experience
This program includes everything you need: student orientation to online learning, Student Handbook, the required textbook (shipped upon enrollment), the online program courses (one at a time-listed below), a voucher for you to take either the HVAC Excellence Employment Ready Certification exam or the NATE Service Core Certification exam, and a voucher for the EPA 608 Refrigeration Handling License Exam. We’ll even help you arrange a place and time for your exams, near your location. The required textbook you will receive: Goodheart-Willcox: Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 19th Edition (2014) ISBN-13: 978-1619601994 or ISBN-10: 1619601990. Also, please check out the Tool List at the back of this catalog.
The content presented in each course focuses on learning objectives that have been identified by HVACR industry groups (HVAC Excellence, AHRI, NATE, RSES, HARDI, PAHRA, and ACCA) as key knowledge for an HVACR technician. This program is offered completely online. Each course is self-paced within a 60 day enrollment period. Upon successful completion of a course (with a score of 75% or higher), you will receive a certificate of completion via email and be registered into the next course.
1 101 Fundamentals for Program students
(with one-at-a-time modules for a solid foundation)
18 hours
2 050 Applied Math
(050 Math enrollment is concurrent with 101, 102, 111, 112, 113, and 114)
15 hours
3 102 Safety 18 hours
4 109 Basic Hand and Power Tools 6 hours
5 11 Electrical DC Theory Plus 18 hours
6 112 Electrical AC Theory Plus 18 hours
7 13 Electrical Common Components 18 hours
8 114 Electrical Motors 21 hours
9 121 Systems Properties & Measurement 18 hours
10 141 Refrigeration I 18 hours
11 241 Intro to Cooling System Troubleshooting 18 hours
12 242 R-410A Refrigerant Technology 18 hours
13 135 Heat Pumps 21 hours
14 EPA 608 Refrigerant Usage Review (As much as you need)
15 TekAssist Prep for NATE or HVAC Excellence Service Core Exam N/A
16 133 Gas Heat I 18 hours
17 Elective (choose one from below)
  • 103 Basic Sheet Metal
  • 131 Oil Heat I
  • 137 Geothermal Heat Pump Systems
  • 142 Refrigeration II
  • 161 Boilers I
  • 153 HVACR Control Systems Fundamentals
  • 191 Hydronics I
  • 221 Indoor Air Quality Basics
18 hours
18 010 Customer Service 9 hours
19 Take the NATE or HVAC Excellence Service Core and EPA Exams N/A
For course descriptions, go to the corresponding course number at the beginning of this catalog. Note: The 101 Fundamentals course requires that students must pass each module exam with a score of 75% or higher before they can move on to the next module. Once this strong foundation is established in the 101 course, students can then move through the program at their own pace, one course at a time. Program completion is established after you successfully complete every course with a grade of 75% or higher. Program completion includes a voucher good for one EPA 608 Refrigerant Handling License Exam, and a voucher for one HVAC Excellence or NATE Service Core Exam. These vouchers will be emailed to you along with your Program Certificate of Completion.
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Join Women in HVACR as We Take On and Strengthen the Industry We Serve
Have you Renewed your WHVACR Membership? Don't Delay! Renew Today! 2019 membership runs January 1st - December 31st.Receive Your Exclusive PROUD MEMBER & SPONSOR LOGOS to display proudly
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