Nita Brooks

Nita Brooks

Advisory Board Member

Business Solutions Development Manager, National Comfort Institute, Nashville, TN

Nita Brooks has over 30 years of business and accounting experience. Currently the Business Solutions Development Manager for NCI, Nita has been working with HVAC companies to improve their business practices since joining the organization in January of 2000. Nita has embraced many roles during her tenure – that of Controller, Preferred Vendor Program Manager, Business Coach, Course Instructor, Curriculum Development and Business Product Development. She has been involved with all phases of developing programs, tools, training and processes that would strengthen the HVAC contractor’s business development. Nita began her career with Purina Mills, Inc. in the late 1970’s. As a Controller for Purina Mills, her primary focus was on the administration, development, and support of business processes, with the goal of accurately reflecting company profitability while promoting ethical practices. Bringing with her over 20 years of background of business analysis, auditing processes, and developing internal controls has been instrumental in her current role of the development of business tools, training and processes for the HVAC contractor. Nita is happily married to an HVAC contractor, which provides extra insight into some of the business frustrations a contractor faces. Her passion is to help contractors face these challenges with the support of systems, business practices, training and solutions that will make their lives easier. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Women in HVACR, as the 2011 Immediate Past President.

Women in HVACR and the HVACR industry mourn the passing of Nita Brooks

Women in HVACR is saddened by the loss of a Past President, colleague and friend,

Nita Marie Brooks (May 2, 1951 – June 21, 2017).

Nita passed away on June 21, 2017 after her courageous battle with cancer. Nita worked at National Comfort Institute since 2008 and was a fundamental part of their success, as she shared her knowledge and ideas on how to make the HVACR industry a better place for both men and women. She brought a quite strength to every organization she worked with and as a board member and President of Women in HVACR in 2011, Nita helped lay the ground work for the Women in HVACR organization to grow and flourish into the thriving organization it is today. Nita was a friend, colleague and pioneer for women in our field. Nita is survived by her husband of 34 years (Earl “Skip” Brooks), daughter Angela Doyle, step son Michael Brooks, grandchildren Amanda Doyle and Liam Doyle, and her siblings Patricia Faux- Stout and John Stone III.

Nita will be greatly missed and her contribution to the industry and this organization will not be forgotten.

“Nita Brooks was one of Women in HVACR’s past Presidents, current member and longtime supporter.  She helped to form the group that is now providing support to women in all aspects of our industry.  Her legacy is one of strength and commitment.  Nita’s contribution has impacted many women already and will continue for years to come.  She will be greatly missed.”  – Julie Decker Women in HVACR President 2017.

“Nita’s passion for our industry and Women in HVACR was contagious the very first time I met her at my first WHVACR dinner meeting over ten years ago.  Nita’s engaging personality motivated me to quickly become part of an enthusiastic group of women volunteering their talents to promote women in our industry.  Her inspiring leadership and dedication contributed significantly to the success of Women in HVACR.  Nita was a friend and confidante to all of us.” - Ruth Ann Davis – Women in HVACR President 2014-2016

“My heart is breaking today, I cannot say enough about this wonderful woman- Nita Brooks. You were my friend and mentor and a leader to many within the HVACR industry. You fostered excitement and growth within the HVACR industry and within the WHVACR organization that continues today. You will always be in my heart, I love you, and you will be missed.” -Patti Ellingson WHVACR President 2012-2014.

“Nita was a strong and encouraging force, with the ability to gracefully lead while mentoring,  she made us all better people both professionally and personally. The women and WHVACR organization were lucky to have her. She will be missed but her legacy will live on for all of us.”  – Kimberly (O’Neal) Batham- WHVACR Past President 2010

“The thing I remember most about Nita was her Texas/Tennessee mash up accent because it was it so interesting, it always made me smile.  She was a wonderful person and a joy to know.  I came to know her through ISL as a coach- Nita brought so much value to the small business owners helping us grow our businesses. She taught us how to hold everyone accountable with grace. Her contribution to the WHVACR organization will be remembered as part of her Legacy.  “ Barbara Keil- WHVACR Past President 2009

“It was with great sadness that I say good bye to my friend- Nita Brooks.  I had the pleasure of working with Nita on a regular basis for many years: What an inspiration she was!  She had a special gift, a special kind of tranquility so rarely seen these days.  Her calming effect was infectious: when things weren’t going according to plan, it was Nita who calmed both me and all others around her.  I am proud to say that I learned much from her and am very grateful to have known such a lovely woman.  My memories of Nita will be with me forever and I will miss her terribly and think of her often.” - Karen M. Riffice Past president WHVACR 2008.

Her Legacy will be remembered at this year’s WHVACR Annual meeting.

Written by Patti Ellingson – WHVACR Past president 2012-2014