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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Find Your Gifts And Share Them!

We are all made of mostly the same stuff, yet each of us has a unique set of gifts and talents that help us to fulfill our special pourpose and contribution. Some of us find our talents early in life in the more obvious ways, as an athlete, academicly, as a dancer, musician, or artist. And, while one of these may come more easily to you, another woman's ease in communicating her feelings, for instance, may be more difficult for you. Others may bloom later and find that their gifts are less flamboyant; they may be great in supporting people through excellent listening skills, or they may be a fantastic team player, or a creative entrepreneur, or writer. You may realize that you are a gifted mother, wife, and houshold manager.

Are our unique gifts those talents we are naturally good at, or are they the things we love to do? Perhaps it's a little of both, but the gifts that come from our passion, and the love in our hearts, are the ones that are ultimately the most powerful!

Giving a gift that we all have access to- the gift of love- is perhaps the most magnificent of all. Love reveals itself in many forms. When you give in a service-oriented way- where you receive nothing extrinsic such as payment, credit or acclaim- then you also receive a gift in the giving; the joy that comes from the satisfaction of making a loving contribution.

How can you identify what your gifts are?

Ask your friends and family to help you describe them.

What shines about you may be obvious to others, but may not always be as clear to you. It may take some courage and faith for you to find your gifts, and then a little more courage and faith to share them. (Follow yoru heart.) The universe has a way of confirming your direction with open doors. Whatever your gifts, each one is valuable; all are equally important to each of us in fulfilling our individual purpose, as well as our own lifes' lessons. Your gifts may at first appear to have a single purpose, but later they may play a different role in your life than you initially expected. There are so many gifts people share that many seem invisible, but that have a lasting ifluence on those around them. In addition, choosing to mentor by example is a great gift to give.

Share what you've learned and help others along the way, so they can turn around and do the same thing.

From the Book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Women" by Kristine Carlson